Barbara Cannon

Founder and owner, Barbara Cannon is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Geriatric Care Manager and Healthcare Consultant. She is the former President of the New England Chapter of Aging Life Care Association; and has served on several governing boards at Quincy College, Board of Health and social service groups protecting children. Barbara has 30 years working with seniors and their families as an advocate, liaison and an expert resource. She has been asked to speak on geriatric care management at the MIT Age Lab various Councils on Aging, Law Firms, Elder Law Seminars, and at NAELA – National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (Massachusetts)

The Senior care industry has become extremely difficult to understand and traverse. The team at Answers for Elders has the inside track and knowledge that has successfully guided many families through this growing bureaucracy. They receive great satisfaction in helping seniors, veterans, special needs individuals and families find solutions to their most pressing problems. They devote their careers to assisting families trying to navigate their way through the maze of changes and options in healthcare and senior care living.

In addition, she has consulted with healthcare industry leaders including physicians, nurses and social workers training on a variety of senior care issues.

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Our Founder

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​​Answers for Elders, LLC is passionately committed & dedicated to making an unwavering difference in the lives of seniors and their families, by providing unparalleled compassionate care, advocacy and invaluable support services. Our goal is to play a key role assisting seniors to live with the respect and dignity that we all deserve while maintaining the highest level of independence achievable. 

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Core Values

Founded On The Belief That Compassion And Understanding Are Our Greatest Assets.

Let Our Team Bring You The Relief You Need
Delivered With Respect & Compassion


This commitment to seniors is what ultimately led Barbara Cannon to establish Answers for elders, LLC where she and her team can play a key role in ensuring that seniors are given the best possible solutions and options for their care while respecting their dignity along the way.


Mission Statement:


  • Promoting the importance of self-determination, choice, dignity and quality of life

  • Passion for service to seniors

  • Compassion, respect and genuine concern for the seniors crowning years

  • Honesty, integrity, responsiveness and forthright communication

  • Aspiring daily to be the leader in serving seniors and their families

  • Constant committed service to others

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