• Has there been a specific change in the senior’s health? stroke, heart attack, diagnosis of a chronic condition like diabetes or Parkinson’s?

  • Do you need help with mediation? Are the family meetings getting more stressful? Siblings are not in agreement on a plan of care for an elderly parent

  • Your senior/parents live more than an hour away; you believe they are struggling to manage the activities of daily living

  • Your senior/parents will not discuss their health and/or financial situation with you

  • Has your senior recently been hospitalized or a medical crisis occured?  Is going home alone, no longer an option?

  • Your parent(s) seems depressed. Are they bored or lonely; or is it something more serious?

  • Your senior/parent is suddenly not taking care of themselves as well as they used to?

  • The caregiver needs a break

  • You aren’t sure how to help – but want to.

  • There has been a major life change (new baby, job loss, moving, health change) and you can no longer provide the support you offered in the past.

  • Your parent’s dementia is worsening and it is becoming difficult to manage.

  • Hospice/end of life care has been recommended and you are not sure what that means.

  • Are you wondering what resources you can tap into in the community that could really help the senior in their current or future circumstance?

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Family Concerns

How Do You Know If Care Management Is Right For Your Loved One?

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Currently, a quarter of adult children, mainly Baby Boomers, provide personal care and/or financial assistance to an aging parent, according to the MetLife Mature Market Institute. With families living at increasing distances from one another it has become critical to address long - distance caregiving needs. Care Management is a natural fit to fill the gap by being the “eyes and ears” for distant family members.

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