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Don Mullen

Julie G. --- Adult Daughter / West Palm Beach, FL

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Joseph W. --- Adult Son / Tampa, FL

Sandy C. --- Professional Colleague / Boston, MA

Hello Barbara, I enjoyed your presentation today at the Hingham Senior Center. I will share your material with my SHINE Director hoping that we can invite you to speak to our volunteers some day. Many thanks, Don Mullen

When my family was in crisis and had no idea of where to turn, who to call or what to do involving my elderly mother in law, Barbara Cannon gave us timely, compassionate and helpful guidance. She became a diligent, assertive, highly competent, formidable advocate to the government agencies and anyone else that could help and protect my mother-in-law. She kept us informed, and she is the kindest, most compassionate person you may ever meet in your life. Her combination of encyclopedic knowledge of how to care for the elderly or children, where to turn for help, what assistance is out there, and exactly what to do and how is surpassed only by her ability to make you feel like everything is going to be okay. If you have called everyone, tried everything, and have spent your last bit of energy trying to figure out what to do, the end of the road has the sight of Barbara’s warm, smiling face, and the sound of Barbara’s reassuring, expert words at the end of it. Call her and her wonderful colleagues at Answers for Elders now – don’t spend another day as a well-intended, uninformed loved one who wants to help but does not have the knowledge or experience to do it.

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Beautiful web site Barb! Wishing you great success in your future as you provide a much needed service to our elders.You are a wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate advocate for those of us who need help getting through the health care maze! Good luck! :-)

Melissa Rocker


Dr. Matt G. --- Adult Son / Chicago, IL

Thanks so much Barbara for sharing your knowledge, resources and expertise with me. Your sincerity and genuine concern was clearly evident in our conversation. Your information and your generosity of time will be invaluable to my friend in need. Thanks so much!

Barbara provided my family with invaluable assistance when my father's health began to decline. We knew we needed a plan for both of our parents but we really didn't know where to begin. Barbara helped us navigate the very complicated area of elder care services. She provided excellent guidance and advice in a calm,caring and professional manner. We're very grateful to Barbara for helping to make a very difficult time less stressful for all of us.

Barbara Cannon was an invaluable asset to me, and my two brothers, during our mother's time in the nursing facilities after her stroke. Barbara walked us through the ever complex and fast moving world of Medicare. She intervened in a few complicated negotiations with the skilled nursing facility and offered much valuable advice and many welcome suggestions. My brothers and I will be eternally grateful for Barbara’s guidance through a very difficult time. Thanks


Karen M

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Gina Torrey

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Many thanks to you Barbara for the lifeline you gave to my friend's son after his mom suffered a major stroke. You empowered him with direction and patience to prioritize the legal documentation, and all the other facets when tragedy strikes without notice. You were willing to help him and I am forever grateful as his mom is a long time friend of mine. I thank God you are doing your life's work with such dedication and empathy for all who are involved with family crisis's. Warm Regards, Sandy C.T.

Wilcox family

Roberta D. --- Adult Sister / Wrentham, MA

I have had the good fortune of knowing, and working closely with, Barbara for the past several years. Barbara has such compassion for the elderly and making sure their needs are met. She is a true professional with a pure passion for helping and assisting the elderly and their families. She can assist in the sometimes daunting task of unraveling the question, "what now"? Barbara has many years of experience in this complicated health care system and can get the answers you need to navigate it. She is a true professional with a very strong ethic and is responsive to her clients needs. If anyone can find the right answers for elders, it is Barbara.

Barbara helped guide our family through the difficult and delicate decision-making process of finding appropriate services for our mother, who had Alzheimer's Disease. It was invaluable to have someone as knowledgeable as Barbara to guide us from that point in our mother’s condition to her end-of-life care. Barbara was extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and compassionate, and acted as a tireless advocate for our mother and us. She made home visits, connected us with financial and legal specialists, researched and attended multiple meetings to help us find the best assisted-living and, later, nursing-home resources. She also attended family/staff care meetings. Most families "do not know what they do not know," so need an outside consultant who is level, calm and professional, helping them manage the logistics and arrive at appropriate decisions while being mindful of what a family’s emotional responses may be telling them. Barbara was that person for us, and we’re very grateful.

Chris B Winthrop

Casey F.

When I first realized that my mother was no longer going to be able to live independently I felt a tremendous amount of stress and concern. The challenges ahead seemed daunting considering my mother was not cooperative at all. Between her resistance and the onset of dementia I was at a loss as to even where to begin the process of finding my mother a safe and suitable living environment. Barbara Cannon became a rock that I could depend on not only in dealing with the overly complicated health care system but for the moral support and encouragement that was so greatly appreciated. There were days that it felt like nothing was going to work out and my mother would spend her last years being swept up in the “system”. Barbara’s constant reassurance and her dedication to my mother’s well-being gave my family the confidence to believe it would turn out well. In spite of many challenges and unforeseen difficulties things worked out just as Barbara had said they would. Her professionalism and passion for ensuring that seniors are treated with dignity and compassion make her a true credit to her profession. I would recommend Barbara to anyone that has a senior who needs some help, if you want your loved one to receive the very best care available then you need to use Barbara Cannon as your advocate.

I strongly recommend Answers for Elders, LLC as a resource for geriatric patients and their family members. Barbara Cannon has a wide ranging breadth of knowledge and experience pertaining to the care of the elderly. This will be an invaluable resource to you or your loved one. I turned to Barbara's assistance in trying to get help for my mother who was experiencing mounting health problems and functional changes. These were of great concern to our family. Of particular concern was the inadequate pain management that my mother was receiving. Barbara was able to listen to our concerns and was quickly able to assess what was needed. She provided linkage for us to a healthcare provider knowledgeable with geriatric pain management who was able to quickly meet with my mother to assess her needs and to modify her treatment plan. This resulted in a positive change in my mother's status at the time and provided our family with a great relief from stress/worry. At the time I was very stressed out and living out of state from where my mother was. Barb was able to take the information provided, assess the situation and "run with it" to determine a good solution to the problem. She also had attentive follow-up to ensure that the plans had worked out well and was ready for further assistance if the need arrived. It gave us peace of mind we had had someone so knowledgeable on these matters "in our corner". Barb's respect for the autonomy and dignity of the elderly parent was strong. She is also able to understand the sometimes difficult plight/concerns of the children/family members of a parent who is experiencing a variety of mounting medical/psychological or physical problems that are limiting their functional capacity. I have utilized Barb's advice and help recently when addressing a concern that my father recently had. As always, she was there with direct, honest and caring support/advice on how I might approach the situation. I won't hesitate to access her support again in the future if the need arises. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience in the field of mental health. I have been working for the last several years in a medical center setting providing therapy, psychological/neuropsychological assessment and consultation to a wide range of patients and healthcare professionals. My work involves interface with a variety of patient populations, their families and health professionals. Yet with this experience I still needed an advocate and resource in my corner to help me address the concerns we had regarding my mother's needs. Barbara was right there for us when we needed her. She will be there for you also in your time of need. Don't hesitate to access Answers for Elders, LLC to seek out the help of Barbara

How can I thank Barbara Cannon enough for being the voice we so desperately needed and for providing us with the answers to questions that we so desperately needed to know! I have known Barbara for over 25 years from when she was the director at the nursing home facility that my paternal grandmother was at for many years and now she has helped us navigate this confusing arena yet again with my maternal grandmother who has been dealing with many hospitalizations and has been moved in and out of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities and now needs long term nursing home care. There are so many issues, and laws ands questions and Barbara is the ONE TO HELP!


You probably don’t want to think that you will need a service like the one provided by Barbara Cannon at Answers for Elders-- I know that I didn’t. Unfortunately, with little notice, I found myself in the midst of a healthcare crisis with a loved one. I suddenly realized that I had no idea how to navigate the healthcare system in order to find my loved one the care he needed. I didn’t even know where to look or what to look for. Honestly, the emotions surrounding my loved ones healthcare crisis were pretty overwhelming. Barbara was an angel! She has so much experience with these situations and knew exactly what to do, who to call, and what to say help us all cope. She was compassionate about our situation and quick to find solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Answers For Elders. This is a service that everyone should know about.

Barbara A Cannon is a wonderful person who can help give you answers and help when it comes to your loved ones!

It hardly looks like I need to write a recommendation for this wonderful and talented professional but I believe I will. I have known Barb for over 20 years and in that time I have watched her grow in her profession in an extremely intelligent, empathetic and professional way. At her core is a sincere desire to help her fellow man every day. She will drop whatever she is doing to "fix" the problem. Recently I lost a dear lifelong foster sister. During her last few weeks of life we had a hospice program for her in her home. The experience was very frustrating for the family and myself. I called on my friend Barbara for guidance and with a wave of her magical, "all knowing" wand, she took care of all of it and my 'sister' passed with all her needs at end of life having been met. For the family, it was so comforting, that accepting the passing of their Mom was met with grace, understanding and peace. I shall always be grateful to Barbara who just stopped everything to right the wrong

As a fellow care manager and aging life care specialist, I recently contacted Barbara to assist me with a complicated case. Barbara provided me with critical information which allowed me to better assist my client. I appreciate her time, insight, and expertise.

Roberta Dufresne